Just thinking

Mark No Limits


G	Em	C	D

G	Em	C	D

G		Em/C/D
I was just thikning

G	     Em	      C
that i have been missing you way too long

Am		Am7		  Bm
then something inside this weary head

C         D
wants us to love just instead.

but I was just thinking, mearly thinking

I've got loads of pictures in

I've got the one of you in that dancing dress

but man I feel silly in that dim light

just after doing you by the cold a........

i am sinking mearily sinking

I think about long distance shades

instead of kissing you babe

like a singer without a song

if i wait for you longer, my affection is stronger

and IIII was just thinking

Am	Bm	C

D	G	Em	C

Am	G





Geva / Donera

Um tú vilt hjálpa til við at gjalda fyri servara pláss ert tú vælkomin at gera tað. Alt ger mun :)